Iconic is the first word that comes to mind when someone asks me about Jeans To-A-T. This clothing store has been peddling Levis and Wranglers since the "official" birthyear of punk in 1977. Back when breaking in a pair of jeans meant picking a pair that was meant to shrink by ten percent and fade dramatically, the notion of stone-washed and acid-washed jeans was brand new to the world of denim. By the time the store was in its fourth year, denim had reached it's peak of popularity.

Walking into the store these days is a totally different ball game. You'll most likely be greeted by a smiling Tom Dietterich, who is the president of Jeans To-A-T but in actuality you'll most likely be drawn toward his adorable dog who stays by his side while he graciously works with customers who are easily frustrated by the process of finding the perfect pair. Nothing seems to discourage Tom when it comes to making people happy, except for working Sundays so the store's doors don't open that day.

An old acquaintance recommended Jeans To-A-T due to my newly discovered love affair with denim and authentic western wear. I remember when paid my first visit to the store. It was close to 7 PM, when Tom usually closes down for the day. I had recently been inside Self-Edge (a specialty store in San Francisco that exclusively carries raw denim) and I was determined to purchase a pair of jeans that were not pre-shrunk. Tom talked to me about how "back in the good old days" jeans would inevitably shrink upon an initial wash and that breaking in jeans was indeed more of a process than it is today. I told Tom about brands like Iron Heart, Sugar Cane and Samurai that aim to emulate the post-war style of Levi's jeans. He had a hard time believing that these brands fetch $300 from denim enthusiasts so I asked him to show me a few pairs of shrink-to-fit jeans. In all fairness, the $58.00 pair of Levi's are no comparison to the aforementioned brands when it comes to product toughness.

Nevertheless, I finally (about an hour and a half later) found a pair of Levi's that I was ok with but the length was all wrong. I had nothing to fear as Tom pointed to a sewing machine near the cash register. Tom took my measurements and told me it would take about fifteen minutes to get it done. I was blown away by this man's approach to customer service. He hemmed my pants right then and there and I walked out of that store with a pair of jeans that fit me to a t - insert Magic Johnson fake laughs- and I didn't have to shell out $300 bucks to go home with exactly what I wanted.

Fast forward to 3 months later when I "haphazardly" strolled into Self-Edge and somehow walked out with a pair of Samurais that I'll be paying off for a while. The problem with my Samurais is that they're extra long because of the shrinkage factor, but I'm not planning on washing these jeans because I want to retain their stiffness for as long as possible. However, after a while I got tired of the pants bunching up at the bottom, so I entrusted Tom to do the job once again. The jeans fit great and Tom's enthusiasm upon first feeling the Samurais makes me feel even more thrilled about denim. His reverence for the "good old days" combined with his affinity for the new brands that are out now make it obvious why this store is celebrating it's 30th anniversary in style.
— Nessim H.
Boy, this is the place to buy your jeans. They have everything in stock and their staff is very knowledgable and friendly. I walk in and say "505's in a 32-32 stonewash" and the guy makes a beeline to the exact shelf.

If you're lucky, the main guy will have his tres-sweet dog in there. Sometimes I stop by just for that.
— Alan F.
Tom, the owner was so helpful. He picked out the perfect jeans to fit my body shape. Mac his dog was fun too. I am definitely getting my jeans here from now on.
— Eileen Marie A.
If you're in need of some REAL jeans, this is the spot to find them. Zero competition in Marin County.
— Aaron J.
Tom and Mac are fabulous in handling your jeans needs. And he tailors them to fit. Jeans To-A-T is the ultimate shopping experience when shopping for jeans. Plus a big Rotary Supporter.
— Bill M.
This place has everything. I went there looking for an off size Levi's 501 and lo and behold they had it. Tom , the owner is pleasant and extremly helpful. DO GO THERE!!
— Beth F.
I love this store. The owner knows his inventory and knows what will fit you best. I have struggled trying to find jeans that are not down halfway on my belly but still look fashionable. Also, I need long jeans due to my height. He has such a great assortment of jeans that make you look great and they fit so many different ways. The best is that these jeans are made to last as opposed to the Gap jeans I was buying which ripped all the time. Best yet..the prices. Forget those designer jean prices. You can buy a pair and still fill up your tank with gas for the same price. If you are in the market for jeans, do yourself a big favor in style, comfort and savings and stop by here.
— Corrie S.
Tom has the best selection of jeans around. I've been shopping there for over twenty years.
— Terri S.
A step back in time to when shop keepers cared about thier customers. We travel all the way back to Marin from LA to our buy jeans and shirts from Tom.
— Patricia G.
I will never shop for jeans anywhere else again! It's so refreshing to receive expert service and attention -- to just walk in the door, be asked three questions, and then be presented with a pair of jeans that fit perfectly every place that counts, to have them hemmed in 10 minutes while I wait, and leave completely happy. Tom is a jean-ius!
— Ariane T.
Store is great great service got my favorite pair of jeans hear and recommend this place to everyone
— Rafael B.
Today was easily the best shopping experience I've ever had in my life. I am in need of some new jeans and have found it increasingly difficult to find what I need. Whether it's a lack of available sizes, colors, or styles, finding jeans has become an extremely aggravating and challenging prospect. All I want is a 4-6 pairs of regular button-fly jeans that fit right, preferably in black, a couple shades of blue, and a couple shades of gray. Shouldn't be hard, right?

Well, at Jeans-to-a-T, it was easy...for the first time in nearly two decades!

Before walking in the door I was greeted by Mac, the McNab Shepherd who waits to meet all customers and presents his butt for your scratching pleasure. Once in the door, Tom will flash a very genuine and large smile and speak with you as though you'd been his customer since he opened the doors in 1977.

It just gets better from there.

Tom knew exactly what I needed and wanted. He knows exactly what styles are what and will help you find the colors you want in the styles you want, if they exist. And if they don't exist in your size, he'll just find another way to achieve it!

In my case, I'm not terribly tall, but I'm kind of stout. I wear a 38x28. But that's not a size you can find on any manufacturer's chart. Fear not, though! Tom has 38x29 in many styles and will be only to happy to hem them down an inch. Which means the entire 38x32+ world is your oyster!

I was able to easily locate the jeans I wanted, Tom pinned them, and then happily hemmed them all down to a 28 inseam.

For the first time ever, I have jeans that fit me.

And the icing on the cake is that Tom is mending the jeans I walked in the door wearing while I enjoy the perfectly-fitted 501s I bought today.

It's one of the happiest days I've had in months!
— Jory P.
I'm a tough fit, but Tom knew just what jeans I needed when I walked through the door. Great selection at a fair price and the only place I get my jeans.
— Robert B.
Nothing feels better than a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Thanks for bring there.
— Xander W.
found the Levi ' s whisperer. Great fit...no more skinny leg jeans for me. Tom knows his products. You must buy your Levi ' s here.
— Sandra D.
The best place to go for jeans. Good prices. Next level customer service with a genuine smile. Don't let the convenience of shopping via Amazon deter you from supporting this local gem.
— Shannon S.
Super helpful! This place is magical. If you are a CrossFitter, weightlifter, or cyclist, you must check this place out!!! I was in town visiting and was blown away.
— Jiro J.
I first bought jeans here about 10 years ago and had totally forgotten about it. I hate stretch and was just complaining to some friends about how much I missed my regular old 501's and 505's, and how much I hate the pricey stretch denim everyone seems to be selling. In the middle of my complaints I realized - wait a minute - there IS a place! I walked in to Jeans To-A-T and there they were, 501's with no stretch. The 505's have a little stretch, but not too much and they are still pretty good jeans. I told Thomas what I was looking for and he glanced at me, reached over to a shelf and with a blinding smile handed me 2 pairs that fit perfectly. I was in and out in about 15 minutes with my new jeans. Will never ever forget about this place again. This kind of business deserves all the stars it gets.
— Laura S.
Great customer service! Variety of options and the gentleman inside is extremely helpful. I had been searching for a place to buy jeans in Marin for a while and I will definitely come back here to get my denim.
— Juan S.
I Love Thomas! He knows how to fit jeans to a body. I buy all of my Levis from him, just recently purchased 3 dark washed pairs for work.
I brought a friend there on Saturday and she was really impressed with his knowledge and selection of women's Levis.

Will always shop there first!
— J.L.